Thursday, April 17, 2014

a man with a goatee and 5 pounds of makeup (my first chaser experience)

I started the night with a couple of friends at my apartment in Hoboken while I painted for a night out in drag (we're being liberal with the term "drag" here). Given the warm weather and the fact that I had company, I decided to walk to the PATH in my full look for the night rather than the usual sweats and sneakers I wear in transit. But between the fact that I took an hour longer than expected to get ready and our passing through Manhattan to go to Williamsburg, my friends opted out of the rest of the night. And though another friend of mine was robbed while taking the train by herself in full drag after a gig about a year ago, I wasn't too worried about the few stops I had to go to Billysburg.

hoboken wasn't ready.

I had a great time checking out the new Sat night party at This n That (Misty Meaner, Mocha Lite, and Princess Bit'h did an awesome collaboration on "Let Me Take a Selfie") and closed the night at Monster with Sir Honey Davenport.

Maybe I was feeling my fantasy a lil too hard, but I decided to walk (in heels and neon leg-warmers) past the nearest PATH station to one with wireless service for my 20-minute wait for the next train.

A guy on the street started talking to me as I turned off of Christopher St. I thanked him and attempted to end the interaction a couple of times with "Have a good night" before walking away, using my best peripheral vision to check the windows as I passed to see if he was following me. One block later, I turned around at a light to find him a few feet behind me shelling out more compliments.

poor guy couldn't help himself.

I did my best to end the conversation without being rude. As I walked away, he asked if I lived in Manhattan. I yelled, "I do not," over my shoulder with an obvious tinge of annoyance in my voice. A random guy with an eastern European accent seemed to be distracting him, so I continued the remainder of the 5 blocks to the 14th St PATH station.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I descended the stairs, knowing I had a good 15 minutes to play on the Facebook and Instagram accounts I'd been neglecting all night.

My first thought when I turned around in the tunnel and saw this same chaser coming towards me with a shit-eating grin was, 'Damn, he didn't look any better in the dark.' And then, 'He knows I take the PATH to get home!'

As a 6'2 (well, 6'5 that night) black guy who works out, I'm rarely concerned for my own safety and find myself making sure I'm not making others feel threatened by my presence. But here was a guy much smaller than I who, after being treated in a tactfully dismissive way, followed a man with a goatee and 5 pounds of makeup for 5 blocks at 4am. I could very well have been dealing with a complete psychopath. Possibly armed.

The European guy reappeared and explained that the dude wanted a photo with me. So I let him, the Euro guy, snap a photo on his phone with as much space between me and the chaser as the frame world allow and scurried away as the two discussed how the Euro would get the photo to the chaser.

this took a lot of work, and i woke up looking nothing like this.

It wasn't until I heard the chaser say, "You're not gonna put this on the Internet, right?" that it occurred to me that I should have asked Mr. Euro to take a photo with my phone, too. 

I've listened to and supported the idea of slut walks and the fact that women should be able to wear what they want without fear of violence because of it. And I've supported efforts to to bring awareness to violence against trans women (the stats on the likelyhood of transwomen to be murdered is really fucking scary). But this experience shined a new light on all of that. Had I washed my face and changed clothes, it would have never happened, but creeps like that are the reason why women, transwomen, and drag queens have to take precautions like packing extra/low-key clothes when they go out and spending extra (substantial) money on cabs to and from gigs and/or regular nights out (chances are if you're of an artistic mindset, you don't live very close to where the parties are). 

Yes, there are precautions we can take to avoid these types of interactions. But how about we work towards creating a culture where an outfit isn't an invitation for (potential) violence? 

Besides, where the hell would I fit a can of mace in this outfit?

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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Finish Line: Episode 4, Ru Paul's Drag Race Ep 604 & Interview with Courtney Act

Can't wait for tonight's episode of Drag Race! If you're as anxious for the Snatch Game as I am, hopefully some new commentary from The Finish Line will help you in the meantime.

This week, we have an interview with top-3 queen (I'm calling it now) Courtney Act AND a bonus read from Sir Honey Davenport on Gia Gunn that was so fucking fierce that we had to give it its own segment!

Oh, and BTW, Sir Honey Davenport and I will be hosting our weekly Drag Race viewing with happy-hour drinks specials at No Parking, so come twirl with us (and stick around for some hot-ass dancers and house music with Fuck It Mondays)!

Friday, March 14, 2014

TOMORROW The Underwear Party at The Ritz = A Fetish Fête

I have a feeling my monthly underwear party with DJ Nandi at The Ritz Bar & Lounge in NYC is going to best one yet. This month, to warm everyone up for The Black Party, we're doing a fetish theme with sweet giveaways (including a $100 gift card from The Pleasure Chest and goodies from Eagle NYC).

 Come decked out in your gear or come play with ours!

The Finish Line: Episode 3, Ru Paul's Drag Race Ep. 603 and an Interview with Vivacious

Here's all 3 parts of this week's episode of The Finish Line plus a bonus interview with NYC's on Vivacious!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Finish Line: Ep 2; Ru Paul's Drag Race 602

What a week! With all this downloading and uploading for these videos, my wireless network is getting worked out more than my body! But I'm having so much fun with Sir Honey Davenport recording The Finish Line. Here's our commentary on last week's episode. And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest commentary for this week's and future episodes. New videos will be up later today! 

Click here to check out The Finish Line Ep. 1: RPDR 601. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

VIDEO: The Finish Line Ep 1: Ru Paul's Drag Race Ep 601

Here's the first full episode of my new show with Sir Honey Davenport. We dish on the girls from the first episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race and invite viewers to participate as well via our social media channels (@FinishLineDrag)!