Monday, July 20, 2009

Sober Moment 7.20.09: This could have been you.

It's not all partying and drankin' with D. Kareem.  The sober moment posts are just going to say what's on my mind.  More what I'm thinking; less what I'm doing.

On the Wednesday that just passed, I went to DR!P, a weekly indoor pool party. My friend Menen happened to be there with a few friends, and he introduced me to them (all cute). One guy’s name stuck out in my head because I had trouble understanding him over the music.
Me: “Raul? Nice to meet you.”
Him, with a flirty smile: “My name is Rahul!
At the end of the night, I happened to be leaving DR!P at the same time as Menen, Rahul, and another friend of theirs. They were headed to a diner. I said I’d join them but changed my mind because I was sleepy.

This morning, I signed onto Facebook, and Menen had posted an article with the title “Man Drowns Swimming off Fire Island”. The preview text mentioned the name Rahul.

Knowing how things on Fire Island go, it wouldn’t be out of the question to suppose that Rahul had had a few drinks (or maybe he doesn’t drink, and it was just a vicious riptide… I really didn’t know the guy; I’m just speculating here). As I read through the short post, I thought about all the times my friends went to swimming at the beach after drinking.

The article mentioned that there was no lifeguard present. Jones Beach’s gay section (the Ivy League Crew's most common drunken beach destination) doesn’t have a lifeguard. I’ve never seen one on the FiPi or FichGro beaches. Thankfully there were lifeguards present when we went to Asbury Park recently (especially after a drunk friend insisted on going swimming after passing out from drinking). Again, Rahul could have been stone-cold sober, but I’m expounding on how the story affected me in my context.

It’s hard enough to fight a rip tide sober.

Click here to read the article.

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franck said...

That's creepy, meeting someone and reading about their death a few days later. And then realising it could have been any one of your friends. Scary shit