Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HK2FiPi gay above 96th St (Friday night pregame + No Parking)

The Straight Roommate was in the Dominican Republic (the actual DR, not our neighborhood), so I had the apartment to myself for the weekend. I’d just downloaded some new pop music, so I figured a pregame would be a good excuse to make a new playlist. I emailed a few people and told them I was buying a handle and some orange juice.

This pregame presented a major dilemma: I’d met Grrber about 2 weeks prior, and he had been to No Parking both weekends. Two weeks seemed a bit early for him to be meeting all the boys, but how awkward would it be for him to see that I had a party to which he wasn’t invited? Definitely not a situation I would want to put myself in with a guy that I really like.

Speaking of awkward, did I mention that I had randomly run into Tink (TTT’s ex from a ~2 year relationship) at a small gathering at MOH’s place early in the week and kinda sorta invited him to come because he’d never been to No Parking? Did I mention he eagerly accepted? Yeah.

I was pretty fucking exhausted from the week, so I took a 90 minute nap as soon as I got home, which left me with about a half hour to shower, get ice, and make sure the apartment was presentable (I had said 9:30 for my birthday, and MicHELLe was sickeningly punctual). I was literally running out of the shower and turning on the music in the living room (naked) when my doorbell rang.

. o O (Shit, is that a neighbor? Is the music too loud?! This can’t be good!)

I threw on a pair of undies and the closest jeans I could grab to answer the door. Thankfully, it was just Morehead. At 9:35. Around 10, Grrber showed up, and the bulk of people had arrived by 11 (Bottomless Pitt with a 40 of Old English).

Tink ended up not showing (not that he wouldn't have been fun to party with, but that whole situation...), and we even got an HK2FiPi gay above 96th St! Yes, Calipornia couldn’t wait to check out the uptown man meat, dragging Justin +1 along. I was a bit confused when an unfamiliar young redhead walked down my hallway. He talked to Justin +1 first, so I assumed he was a friend from the blogging/nightlife world (go go boy?). I laughed out loud when Calipornia walked from across the kitchen to give a very warm greeting (did Calipornia mention she’s really into younger redheads?). When pointed out my amusement to him, he informed me that the guy was actually Justin +1’s boyfriend. Oops.

The great thing about making a playlist for a pregame is that the music can build continuously throughout the party (whereas if your playlist is for the main event, you have to have more ebb and flow). I purposely put the most familiar and danceable songs at the end of the playlist when everyone was well liquored. So when Chelley’s “I Took the Night” came on, Med School Mess went absolutely bananas and tried to vogue. 

“Oh my god! I’m gonna do a fall!” she squealed. 

The “fall” started out like any other, leaning back with one leg extended and one hand on to the forehead. But about 6 inches into it, she paused, bent to the side, and lowered her hand to the floor to make it all the way down. She hit her pose with a dramatic sigh and then took about 30 seconds to get back off the floor with no shortage of grunts and “ow”s (sincere, not verbally decorative).

Oh, and boo to whoever brought the tequila (I actually loved it, but you don’t want to encourage that type of thing on a regular basis)!

By the time we made it to No Parking, all my attention was focused on Grrber, who, thankfully, had made a great impression on the boys. I don’t even think he and I stayed past 2. A quick stop at El Mambi for a plate of rice and beans, and we were back at my place. Did I mention that I didn’t get to sleep til almost 5? Yeah.

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Urban Sprawl said...

The tequila was my doing and you know how I get when I'm tequila drunk...

BTW, love the DR map. Funny how the town where my family's from is so small it doesn't even appear on this one.