Friday, September 11, 2009

pointing to the suit on a leash (Totally Tyler and I do a straight fetish party)

My slow day at work took a 180 when I had the following exchange with Totally Tyler. Click to enlarge.

He later included me the following in a message: 

"And then, this morning, a colleague informs me that after some research, he discovered Yin has a blog. The invite for the party on the blog is more detailed than the invite I received, stating that "Perverse play is welcome" and "Private party...anything goes". Upon further exploration, I discover Yin is a mistress FULL TIME. She makes a living as a dominatrix. (Some girls have all the luck). She has a studio in TriBeCa and [partner] is her slave. She has the blog but is also a writer for several fetish magazines, etc. In short, in this lifestyle, she is a celebrity. Fabulous! :-)"

After pregaming at my place (which involved watching the last hour of Bring It On: All or Nothing on mute), Totally Tyler and I headed down to Chelsea. When we arrived at the door to Hiro, the drag queen with the List was hardly the most noticeable item on the scene. That distinction went to the shirtless 6’6” TSWB (with muscles) wearing low rise leather jeans (very low) and being lead by a short chick in a bright red leather dress.

Tension built as we walked down the long hallway to the ballroom. Would there be everything she said in the email? Would there be gays? Sex? Muscle bears?!!
We parted the double doors, and it was the smallest crowd I’d ever seen Hiro. We were pretty disappointed at first, but we headed to the bar before taking a look around.

Totally Tyler: “What’s that guy doing on that column?”
Me: “I’m not sure, but nice jock. Oh, shit!"I said, pulling Totally Tyler out of the way, "This guy’s got a bull whip!”

A graying otter to Totally Tyler's left let the end of the curled whip in his hand fall to the floor. He looked around him to see that his path was clear before giving the guy on the pole a couple of light brushes with the whip.

Me: “Until I saw an S&M exhibition at LA Pride a few years ago, I always thought whipping was all hard lashes. But they warm the sub up first with some light brushes and random lashes.” As if he didn’t know.
Totally Tyler: “Well, this isn’t exactly Roots.”
Me, pointing to the suit on a leash: “You sure about that?”

Not far from us on the dance floor, a white guy and a Latin guy were grinding on a black woman with long, curly hair. They were the only people dancing to the metal/techno soundtrack.

The next scene we saw was… well, it was rather elaborate. The dom (the ‘master’ if you will) was a masked, torpedo-breasted woman in a black latex outfit (zipper-crotched, of course). The sub, however, was the focus of this humiliation display. The sub had a leather mask on with (open) zippers over the eyes and long strips of leather that hung from the subs head like two pigtails. The sub had enormous balloon-like boobs and a long, draping leather dress that seemed to spread to a good 5 feet in width at the bottom. It appeared the sub was sitting on some kind of raised seat. 
Right around the time I focused my attention on this display, the dom pulled out a small back massager (yeah, right) and opened a zipper at the crotch of the dress. The sub, who was obviously restrained from behind, writhed as the dom rubbed the massager over the unzipped area, which was covered in pale tan leather.

“I think the sub is a guy.”

After a few minutes of this, the dom lifted up the bottom of the dress to reveal a the metal apparatus that was restraining the sub’s legs in a sort of 2nd position plie. The dom took the dress off the sub, and took her time removing the restraints from the sub’s arms, torso and legs. The sub’s new outfit was a tan leather body suit. The boobs looked even more ridiculous, embellished with large red areolae. The sensible black platform stilettos really tied the outfit together.

Remember the threesome on the dance floor? The woman was crouched over the white guy, who was writing on the floor. A closer look revealed that she and the Latin guy playing with the white guy’s nipples. And he was really into it.

At midnight, we saw a large flame near the stage. “Fire begins the pagan ceremony,” Totally Tyler mumbled out of the side of his mouth. A woman with a microphone gave a dramatic invocation (for lack of a better description, it almost sounded like what you would think of a devil-worship invocation, except with non-devil-related language) before the couple walked to the middle of the stage to face each other.

“Oh my god, I really can’t deal with this!” exclaimed Totally Tyler. “He’s such a straight-laced suit, not to mention a hard-ass negotiator! And now he’s in this outfit that looks like something out of The Cell. And a pound of eye liner on!”

The Cell was an appropriate comparison because the couple was decked out in a pair of body suits with a bunch of metal loops attached to them (though they didn't use them to hang form the ceiling to get off). The officiator then invited the audience come on stage and use red ribbons to literally tie the couple together to symbolize their bond in love and commitment to each other. By the end of it, they had a good 50 ribbons tying the loops of their suits together.

“How are they gonna get off the stage?” Totally Tyler wondered aloud.
“The best three-legged race you've ever seen!” I blurted out. Unfortunately, Totally Tyler’s question went unanswered as they employed the use of a curtain to end of the ceremony.

We felt like the party had hit is peak by that point, so we ditched for Barracuda.

“Did you read Yin’s blog post I sent you? There were times when I’d be meeting with them, and the man would just be like…” Totally Tyler made an open-mouthed, zoned-out face. “She must have had him hooked up to those electrodes under his shirt. She was totally zapping him in front of me!”

Totally Tyler wasn’t so much feeling Barracuda, so we caught the train uptown. Did I mention it’s nice to not have to ride home alone (sometimes)? Yeah. 

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Tyler said...

you forgot the sailor lesbos with their strap-ons!
with them, "Fleet week" really does involve enemas.

The Blackout Blog said...

I wonder if you can get arrested for blowing a strap on on the street...

Alex C. said...

I die!