Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sober Moment 11.10.09: The Death of DudeVu

I know many of you are just as distraught as I am many of my friends are about the loss of an important link in our community. A source of comfort on many a cold night. Or a warm night. Drunk, sober, alone, or with a friend, DudeVu.com has been a vital part of many of our lives, and now it’s gone. There may be another site with full gay movies that don’t take up space on one’s hard drive (PLEASE let me know if you know of one… for my friends, of course), but this saint of a website will never be replaced. In honor of DudeVu, I’d like to share a sampling of bookmark names that someone shared with me and that is absolutely not cut and pasted from my own computer.

Dudevu – movers
Dudevu - father in law
Dudevu - Pat fucks Jake Cruise bareback
Dudevu - Nasty Euro Punks fuck raw
Dudevu - Hardcore black stud anal fucking
Dudevu - hairy bear hunks
Dudevu - noisy eager bottom takes HARD dick
Dudevu - hairy hunks -hot deep
Dudevu - Muscle studs wrestle
Dudevu - Long military movie
Dudevu - Muscle studs wrestle suck and fuck
Dudevu - Bareback bootcamp
Dudevu - muscle guys in a cabin
Dudevu - Coles first time - Hard!
Dudevu - Broke dudes black and white
Dudevu - tuerk dad fucks son
Dudevu - Rough corbin fisher
Dudevu - Colton Ford Chad Williams train [two of my fav actors!]
Dudevu - Cornbread n Alejandro
Dudevu - Treasure Island: Bad Influence
Dudevu - Coco Dorm bunk bed
Dudevu - Curcus studs
Dudevu - igor fucks Brazillian
Dudevu - Aaron Mark and Jason Crystal Flip Flop
Dudevu - two british guys in a car
Dudevu - Baña guy? [the top may or may not be a bardtender at this party]
Dudevu - barn scene
Dudevu - twink on a bike
Dudevu - HOT Scene from Men at Play [I've heard great things about this site!]
Dudevu - power bottom returns
Dudevu - hard dick black on white
Dudevu - jail - black fuck white boy
Dudevu - fuck friend number one
Dudevu - Interracial - Tyler fucks Derek
Dudevu - Arpad Miklos fucks Pat Pateman
Dudevu - muscle series
Dudevu - Another robber scene
Dudevu - Older dude fucks younger guy
Dudevu - a master and his bitch
Dudevu - hot locker room
Dudevu - dawson 20-3
Dudevu - Grunts – Misconduct
Dudevu - brad mc guire fucking tim skyler

I’d like to observe a moment of silence for those lost.

Actually, doing this has already made me feel better. Mostly because I realized that one of my favorite scenes (cinematographically speaking) was on another website! And again, if anyone knows of any websites with full scenes that one doesn’t have to download, please let me know. For my friends.

Disclaimer: I, in no way, endorse unsafe sex. But if they're gonna do it, I'll sure as hell watch.

Click here to see my response to Corbin Fisher's General Council Marc J. Randazza's comment on this post.

Click here to check out Fun with Adam 4Adam.com.


Jonathan Ross said...

I share in your laments. The night a friend of mine recommended dudevu to me was one of the greatest in my life, and today is one of the saddest ones.

I knew it was too good to be true.

dudevu, you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I know that it is not as good as DudeVu, but gaywatch.com also hosts full movies for free.

Gay Porn Fanatic said...

dudevu will be missed. I know of a few tube sites that follow me on twitter. I'm gonna hit them up.

Mambam said...

I missed it completly, now it's gone don't make me feel worse by telling me how good it was.
I always miss the boat.

nuvi250 said...

RIP DudeVu - Many A Time I Creamed Your Pages

The Blackout Blog said...

Hey, everyone. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

JR, I'm sure if I were as familiar with this website as my friends are, I could spend HOURS perusing videos!

Anon, I'll be sure to pass that along. Because I have absolutely no use for it myself.

GPF, Interesting... *not clicking on your list of followers*

Mambam, don't feel too bad: you've found this blog! It's much better than DudeVu is at this current moment. (And any cute guy with a British accent is more than welcome to catch my boat!)

Anonymous said...

Dude(vu), what happened? Were they shut down or something?

windy city guy said...

does anyone know what exactly happened with dudevu?

The Blackout Blog said...

I'm gonna guess copyright infringement/intellectual property suit. It's not like Joe Schmoe had the rights to publish [stuido]'s work!

Jorge said...

damn... i lost all my hidden cam sailor jerk off vids.... and i only have a couple of new ones to post up.... sonuvabitch.

Jorge said...

i just wish i knew why the got shut down.... it was definitely my favorite site for videos...

The Blackout Blog said...

Keep us abreast of where I, er, my readers can find your new vids.

Anonymous said...

Calebs Exroomate says:

Muthafuckers, i went on to rub one out and i was redirected. I had so many favorites that i had cultivated for over 6 months. all gone. The hottest porn on the internet.. all gone.

The Blackout Blog said...

Who the hell is Caleb?

Anyway, sorry to hear that, man.

Anonymous said...

dude view isn't dead - it has a new site name:

The Blackout Blog said...

O. M. G.! Anonymous, you're a genius!

med school mess said...

i just shed a tear. it's like a friend being resurrected from the dead!

Tony said...

I'm devastated. At last I'd found ONE site that brought me to Nirvana quicker than all the other crappy ones where I had to click a 1000 times before I found what I wanted. I found some old favourite scenes from pornos I'd seen way back in the day, and my favourites list could get me off any time. This is a tragedy and I don't think I'll ever get over it - or have sex ever again!

The Blackout Blog said...

Tony, don't you think never having sex again is a little extreme? I could understand never masturbating again, but let's not be too hasty.

The Blackout Blog said...

(still I think he's rather tasty!)

Chris said...

Was on cs4.dudevu.com... New name seems to be "Dark Orange" All my vids are there, my friends are there, I can login with my old dudevu name and password BUT : No video works. Hope they will make them playing soon. Greetings from Germany.

The Blackout Blog said...

Chris, we love overseas love!

And it worked for like a day before it went all non-functional... I heard...

Tony said...

Yeah - same problem, Chris. couldn't get the vids to work after I'd signed up.

At this rate I might have to go out and have REAL sex.

The Blackout Blog said...

Silly Tony! Real Sex is only on TV! And HBO stopped showing it 2 years ago!

Marc J. Randazza said...

We are most dismayed that you find the death of DudeVu to be an occasion for sorrow.

DudeVu was an illegal operation, living entirely off of pirated content. Where do you think that all of its content came from? Do you think that porn studios simply create their films as a public service, and are somehow subsidized by the government?

DudeVu shut down because we told them that we were going to sue them. Not only is the site shut down, but we will pursue its owners until we've bankrupted them, and we will be pursuing even individuals who uploaded our content.

You wouldn't walk into a store and steal a DVD. Why do you think it is acceptable to steal content online? Subscriptions to your favorite sites are not expensive. Pay for it, or don't view it.

Marc J. Randazza
General Counsel
Corbin Fisher

The Blackout Blog said...

Marc brings up an excellent point! My response was a bit much for the comments, so I made it a blog post: http://www.theblackoutblog.com/2009/12/sober-moment-12309-death-of-dudevu-part.html

Tightey Whitey said...

"Still I think he's rather tasty." Did you really just quote from a Disney movie? I'm all hot and bothered now!

Andy said...

Marc J. Randazza, for the record, the Corbin Fisher videos are crap. I can't see how anyone would pay to view them. And besides... you think torrent sites aren't full of them? You may have shut down one site, but you're fighting the inevitable. Some people will never pay for porn, and there are always plentiful places to get it free.

Anonymous said...

Andy wrote:

Marc J. Randazza, for the record, the Corbin Fisher videos are crap. I can't see how anyone would pay to view them. And besides... you think torrent sites aren't full of them? You may have shut down one site, but you're fighting the inevitable. Some people will never pay for porn, and there are always plentiful places to get it free.

Andy, if you don't enjoy our films, you have the right to buy films elsewhere. That does not give you (or anyone else) the right to steal them. If you go into a store, and you think a product is overpriced, do you steal it?

With respect to your point that there are torrent sites everywhere: Yes, we are aware of this. We may be only getting to the first few on our list right now, but trust me... I have all day, every day, to devote to hunting down these websites, those who post to them, and yes even those who download from them.

We are going after individual users as well as the websites.

Of course, it is a numbers game. If you steal our content, will your number come up? Maybe not. But, there are some very forlorn individuals out there right now who thought their numbers wouldn't come up. Everyone I have caught has paid me money. Everyone. And we sue anyone who doesn't pay voluntarily. Everyone.

-Marc J. Randazza
General Counsel
Corbin Fisher

The Blackout Blog said...

Oo, he's good!

nono68 said...

Should ask him if he will pay for the lost of my personal vids on Dudevu.
By the way, if I go into a store to buy something, I have the possibility to try it out and IF I like it - I buy it. Thats how we do it in my country.
At least I´m not interested in that Corbin Fisher stuff.. they all look like beeing made in a clone factory. Seen today, forgotten tomorrow.
Sorry about my bad english...

Anonymous said...

With respect to Mr Randazza's comment about stealing a DVD - it seemed to me that the content on Dudevu was legally obtained, then uploaded onto the site. If that is the case, the scenario is more akin to people buying books and lending them to others.
In any event I sincerely hope that Mr Randazza is a pen name and is not really a practising attorney, as to use sarcasm is extremely unprofessional, regardless of occupation.

Anonymous said...

AH - So glad I am not the only one mourning the lost of dudevu .

A new website called "gayforit" tried to replicate the dead dudevu with the same look, same menu etc. BUT, it tries to charge you and limit your view for only 3 fucking times a day! Not to mention their vid collection is WAY less quality and quantity than dudevu because we, the WWW folks, were unwilling to share our vids to this sucker gayforit, since they take ownerships of our video and try to charge us back for the things that we upload. OUTRAGEOUS!

Dudevu is not replaceable.

nono68 said...

Gayforit is not new. But interesting to see that almost all the vids I uploaded to Dudevu are now to see on Gayforit.

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog, I had to quickly make an account to post a comment. I couldn't help but be appalled by how condescending the lawyer was. As if he knows our intentions. No matter how smart he thinks he is, there will always be a way for the people to find satisfaction. As mentioned above, people aren't going to be happy paying for crappy content they cant return. Its that simple! Also, before the word "refund" is mentioned....lets get real!

Anonymous said...

@ Marc J. Randazza. OK thats cool. Now we all know why our loved dudevu.com is closed. It was Corbin Fisher! From now on i NEVER will buy any video or dvd or whatever product of this company and i will tell every friend that this company sucks. EXTREME SUCKS. I will boycott any product and any actor (also "acting" for other comanies. So let us see if WE the users have the POWER to limit the money of "so fucking cool" corbin fisher films as a big "thank you" for closing dudevu. ??? If the corbin fisher compyny was cool they have make a deal with the dudevu guy like a must link directly to their page or something else in this direction. But no, they goinf directly to close this great page. I found there a lot of hot movies and that was the reason to find out the compynie of the movies and have buy a lot of DVDs with this way. What this MONEY MONEY MONEY companies like Corbin Fisher never know is that they lost one of the biggest promotion tool for good quality gay porn. Because they guys who love a movie in the grap dudevu quality just for sure wanna buy it too in a good quality for some dollars. Now it's too late for that overpayed marketing guys. THEY LOST !!! like we all lost.