Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sober Moment 11.3.09 Fun with Blog Stats

Every month, I review the stats for my blog: how many hits I got; what posts got the most hits; what regions/cities/countries yielded me the most hits; etc. But the most entertaining part of reviewing my blog's stats is seeing the Google searches that brought people to my blog.

All of the top 19 keyword searches that landed people on my blog this month involved limiting Facebook, Blackout Blog, and Lady Gaga auto tune. Colton Ford came in #20.

“shoe shining” sexy
Beer “assless chaps” image [okay, that might have been my own search]
Assless chaps, long island
Assless hose [not mine!]
John candy assless chaps
Leather gay party harness straps [fine, this was mine, too]
Principal skinner shirtless
Should I bring thongs and boots to fire island [I think this person was British]

Boys ass hots gays3 [say no to drunk googling]
Colton ford double dong [I’m curious]
Dominican baby in porn [??!!]
Very skinny pale white boy sex
Whitegirls over 30 fucking with naibors harecor [ESL much?]

Internet related
“ursa menorah” [3 guesses as to who did that search]
adam4adam lance bass
adam4adam newyork hot mess
are manhunt and adam4adam owned by the same person?
Bitch put me on limited profile [haha!]
Black out blog man
Blackoutblogdot.com [really?]
How do u know you blocked on adam4ada [why “u” and “you” in the same search?]
My boyfriend added me as a limited access friend on facebook [honey, he's not your boyfriend for real]
What other websites besides adam4adam [NONE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!]
www . the blackout blog . com [honestly, this is how I type it in messages on A4A and Manhunt, and at least 10% of people ask me for the website in their response]
www. Booty centric blog .com [this person spent 2 minutes on the blog, and visited 3 different pages… I wanna know what hooked them so I can give them more!]
طريقة عمل limited profile في الفيس بوك [looks like they found what they were looking for since they visited for 10 minutes]

Pop Culture
“Get sharonda
“key change” we belong together [there was no key change in that song]
Get sharonda by jordin sparks [guess Bottomless Pitt wasn’t the only one]
Hallaback boy music videos that starts holly shit this is my shit all the boys stomp your feel like this [ESL again?]
Keri hilson live glitter pants [I obvi missed that show]
Lady gaga assless [now, I wouldn’t say that]
Lady gaga doesn’t use auto tune [I wouldn’t say that, either]
What does “peter paul and mary, getting down with 3 p” mean? [starts with a “d”… ends with an “ouble penetration”]

I Don’t Get It Either
“colonel sanders was black” [I’m not the only one!!]
“jane goodall costume”
“red bear” stories gay
“stole her shoes”
Dating a drug dealer [looking for advice? Don’t.]
Frequent blackout drunk [one should google one’s self every now and then]
Oh my god the head of his cock is sticking out of his speedo
Sober blackout [blasphemy!]
Who is having the sober gay Halloween party in boston? [someone who should be shot]

“candle bar” blowjob [maybe it’s time to go back]

Bana twa bas [I swear, that’s exactly how it was typed]
Couture on blackout butts prince
Her tits were growing and her pubic har was starting as she stripped of to [??!!]

MikaFanClub.com was one of my top 20 referral sites! Someone there must have seen my album review. DudeVu.com was in my top 40. Lucasblog.com was in my top 100.

The Blackout Blog was most popular among readers in NY, CA, TX, MA, and DC. Wyoming was the only state not to visit the Blog this month.

London, Paris and Cologne were the most avid readers in Europe. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was the Asian city with the most visits (followed by Bangkok and Singapore). Cairo, Egypt; Westgate, South Africa; and Abuja, Nigeria were the most populous Africans to Blackout. It’s no surprise that Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were in the top 3 (with Caracas coming in second) for South American cities, even though they all spent an average of < :15 on the site. Same for the top 3 Central American cities. And I actually got 4 visits from Jamaica!

It's been a year since Barak Obama was elected. Click here to check out my reflections on that night.


franck said...

The one visit from Moscow was me! (Although I use Google Reader... does it still count me as a visitor?)

The Blackout Blog said...

It's not counting you (at least not in Moscow). Nobody from Russia last month stayed on for any length of time.

I'd be willing to buy advertising space on your ass. That's sure to get exposure all over the city and drive traffic to the Blog!

Alex C. said...