Friday, January 22, 2010

passing said bottle around before we approached Splash's entrance (Kim Zolciak does "Tardy for the Party" at Splash NYC)

Kim Zolciak was scheduled to perform at Splash for Campus Thursdays! I started off at TTT's new HK apartment. He'd mentioned that a guy he'd hooked up with from Grindr before he moved, and apparently, this guy lived in his new building. The guy actually texted TTT that he was on his way home, so TTT invited him to our pregame.

Meanwhile, I was toting a small bottle of a ginger drink that a cousin had given me the weekend before. I'd tasted a sip from his thermos, and it was pure spicy deliciousness! He'd mentioned that people seem to like it with vodka, so I decided to test his theory. I mixed the concoction with a tad less vodka than I usually do. To tell you the truth, I really couldn't taste the vodka at all! TTT and MicHELLe agreed that it was an amazing drink.

About a third of the way through the drink, my eyes started to tear up, and my throat got to burning! I was in an awkward position because I had arrived late, and we wanted to get to Splash before midnight. But I could barely swallow this drink. And I sure as hell wasn't trying to spend money on drinks if I didn't have to! This was obviously a casual sipping cocktail and not a pregaming-binge drink. I finally gulped down the rest of the drink and managed to fit in two very strong screwdrivers before we hopped a cab downtown (with a Gatorade bottle in hand, of course).

And yes, we were the sketchy guys you passed on 6th ave passing said bottle around before we approached Splash's entrance.

TTT had the next day off, so naturally she was belligerently drunk a bit tipsy. She wandered off as soon as we got into the club. None of us saw where she ran off to, so we headed for coat check.

When we got back upstairs, Erika Jayne was on stage. I'd seen on Facebook that she was the opening act, but I wasn't at all surprised at the hour plus gap between her performance and Kim Z's. We strategically placed ourselves in the middle of the crowd, which sucked when I had to go to the bathroom. I'm not sure about MicHELLe (5’8 in heels), but I had a great view of the performances (because she did the same song twice).

Apparently she and Big Papa are done, and she’s “very much in love” with another person of hidden identity. As she said, “Who says it’s a he?! And, of course, she and Nene are back on good terms!

As soon as she stepped off stage, MicHELLe grabbed my arm and motioned towards downstairs. I looked at my phone: 2:07am. FML.

After dancing til 3-and-change, MicHELLe picked up a boy whom she was trying to get to come to Hell's Kitchen to grab food. As expected, the friend had no interest in grabbing food. Then again, judging from her build, she had quite a bit of interest in food, but no interest in going to HK. The one MicHELLe was going after jumped out of the cab soon after her friend did. Here’s a learning moment for everyone. The problem with this situation was that the trick was with her friend. If a trick doesn’t give his friend the 86, he’s not coming come with you. So when we sat down at Cosmic Diner, MicHELLe treated herself to the following.

That's her iPhone she's holding. I'll give you 3 guesses as to what app she's on right now.

Did I mention how much waking up for work on Friday sucked?! Yeah.

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yet another black guy said...

you stayed out that late on a work night? and to see that lady?! it's time for a party intervention.

The Blackout Blog said...

That's the thing about NYC: the most interesting stuff happens during the week. Weekends are crowded with bridge-and-tunnel folk!

But yes. We went to see her and to enjoy the (free) party! Mission accomplished!

yet another black guy said...

I keep forgetting you always get into places and drink for free! Ugh, I need you to mentor me haha. Hey I found you on another website, may I hit you up on it? And no, it's not 1 of the hook up sites lol

The Blackout Blog said...

Uh oh... now I'm curious...

Lol, have at thee.