Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sober Moment 3.24.10: Totally Tyler Texts

One day not long after SoHo Crush and I broke up this summer, I was on Grindr in Washington Heights, NYC. It was one of the first few days I was on. I was clicking through profiles, and I saw this white guy in a bright purple shirt. The photo was obviously professional and conveyed the hackneyed classic image of a boy new to the Big City.

The only text he had in his profile was a link: And the only thing the website had was a coming-in-August splash page. I messaged out of curiosity, saying, “Your website looks like it has a lot of potential. I’ll be sure to stay tuned.” Was this guy an actor? blogger? escort? His Facebook profile didn’t reveal much more than a picture of him bending over in a pink shirt and a studded belt.

Seven months later, his website finally launched. Turns out he’s a blogger. And quite funny. To give you an idea, here’s a few of the interactions we’ve had.

We sometime seek advice from each other. But we're rarely ever helpful.

I told him he should do a blog post about it.

Oh, but it's not just texts with Totally Tyler and me. More of our interaction takes place through our original medium.

Totally Tyler’s blog is up an running now. Check it out. Or if you don't like his writing, just look at pictures of him looking over his left shoulder.

Turns out I was to old to get into The Black Party '10 this past weekend. But click here to check out my Black Party '09 experience.

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Tyler said...

Aw, nice of you to blog about me. I hope this gets me laid this weekend.

The Blackout Blog said...

Me too.

(See, it's funny because I could be talking about Tyler...)

Tyler said...

No fair. You get laid *every* weekend. Or at least, according to Grindr, you aren't sleeping in your own bed.

Where is 2,372 feet away, anyway?

The Blackout Blog said...

You know, you can turn your location settings off. It opens your profile to a whole new demographic! Try it.


Absolutely too funny..Im goin to check him out now!