Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun with Grindr: Unabashedly Honest

I have to say that while I prefer a bit of subtlety and wooing in my own whorish behaviour romantic endeavors, I gotta respect a guy that puts what he wants right out there from the beginning. No guessing. No games. Just the truth. Like these guys...

See. Isn't that refreshing. In a thank-god-he-didn't-message-me sort of way.

I have nothing to add to this. At all. And I definitely didn't read his profile in a helium voice in my head. 

You know from the get-go exactly what his favorite position is. Less awkward later. 

Manage expectations. Kudos, sir. 

Text: honest. Tshirt: dubious.

Now, this one is a not-so-subtle code. But I feel like at 0 feet away, I should be wearing latex cocktail gloves. 

More coded honesty. What he's telling us is that he's as much of a "top" as he is "Blond".

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