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RECAPTION: Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 4, Ep 11

So, if you missed last episode: they brought Kenya Michaels back, they dressed burley guys in drag; Chad Michaels almost got in a fight with Sharon’s DILF (“Dad I’d Like to Frock”); but Kenya got sent home.

For this week’s mini-challenge there were puppets made to look like each of the queens as a boy. Their assignment: to turn the boy puppets into drag queens and do a bit of dialogue with them in character.

Sharon, my pick for most likely to participate in fisting, did the appropriate hand placement when she followed RuPaul’s instructions to select a puppet, reaching into the “big black hole”.

Sharon went first, doing Chad with HUGE lips, no nose and a long wig. Of course, she used a Cher-like voice and had Chad craving a cigarette.

Chad wishes she had a wig that long. 

Latrice imitated Sharon with her puppet in all black lace. It was humorous, but Sharon isn’t nearly as disgruntled as Latrice’s insisting “fuck off!”

To represent Latrice, Phi Phi made a belly out of sequined cloth, big hair and sparkly lips. When Phi Phi asked Puppet Latrice about her necklace, she cut it so it fell apart on stage just like one of the previous runways. Anyone see how she began to mention “My friend Lashawn Beyond” (who is from Ft. Lauderdale, not a long distance from South Beach where Latrice performs… could she have made Latrice’s faulty jewelry)? It was actually a damn funny bit!

Chad made Phi Phi up with a huge snaggle-tooth, which I never noticed before (but now I can’t stop looking at it!). Chad came for Puppet Phi Phi about wearing the same wig and for her “help” comment, imitating Phi Phi’s ditzy character voice that she always does while performing. She ended with a sarcastic “I’m sure America’s just gonna LOVE you!” And with this declaration, Chad won.

Ru told them they were throwing a ball with categories for which they had to design distinct, fashion-forward looks. Then she brought out 4 dogs to inspire their looks. Because Chad won the mini-challenge, she got to assign the queens their dogs. She gave Latrice the Pomeranian. Sharon got the poodle, and Chad took the Chinese crested for himself.

Phi Phi with the bloodhound. Phi Phi was PISSED.

"I have the worst dog!"

RuPaul started her workroom walkaround with Latrice, asking about if she was feeling shakey about her styling since she’d gotten shade from Santino. When Ru asked Chad Michaels about Michelle’s ciritcism, Ru provided some clarification: perhaps they may be looking for more depth (which is important in drag?). Ru didn’t quite take to Chad's Little House on the Prairie inspiration for fashion-forward. Ru wondered about Sharon’s plans to sew a furry bolero and to do tan skin (both unfamiliar territory for Sharon). Phi Phi told Ru she was going for a poodle skirt look, but Ru hinted that the idea may need to be a bit more self-explanitory.

RuPaul left them with one more layer to the challenge: the queens had to prepare a group lip-synch. Chad, as mini-challenge winner, was in charge.

During the rehearsal for the number, Phi Phi was throwing a lot of shade trying to rush things and ended up kind of taking things over. Talk about tension.

Back in the workroom, Sharon seemed very behind. I had to wonder if her hot-glue-gun fur boots were going to cut it, and watching her try to learn how to sew was just tragic!

As the queens prepped for the runway, it came out that Sharon had a supposed gift for predicting events in the competition. Chad gagged, remembering Sharon had totally predicted the outcome of the sitcom challenge. When Latrice asked her who was going to be in the top 3, Sharon guessed everyone but herself.

On the runway, Ru giving us glammed-up white-people dreads. It was certainly different from anything I’ve seen her do before. A Facebook friend commented “It's the Hunger Games up in here! That bitch better grab her bows and arrows!”

do-me-re-sol... get it?

(It turns out my friend was talking about my update about Phi Phi getting defensive because everyone left was teamed up against her, but I could see a Hunger Games girl with that hairstyle!)

The opening number with the queens in puppy drag was too cute! Phi Phi and Chad were the real standout talent in the number.

On Runway Runway

• Daytime Dogpark Realness look: less that spectacular. She didn’t seem stable on her heels.
• Pooch in a Purse: Party Girl Realness: her outfit didn’t quite look finished.
• Canine Couture Eleganza: Latrice mentioned “simple” and “clean silhouette”. As always, her silhouette was very femme, but fur trim on a basic brown dress was a bit too simple to be couture.

Phi Phi:
• Daytime Dogpark Realness look: very cute, Nicki Minaj-like with pink accents, including the bedazzled pooper scooper. “Poo poo pee-doo! Phi Phi’s the shit!”
• Pooch in a Purse: Party Girl Realness: a lot of colors, a bit Jiggly Caliente even. But she seemed to be going with this as a theme.
• Canine Couture Eleganza: I thought this look was a bit of a mess, but it tied together well with the brown color, the diamonds and shiny bow on the dog.

Sharon Neeles:
• Daytime Dogpark Realness look: a look that you might actually see at a dog park. And she went Blonde! No scary eyes!
• Pooch in a Purse: Party Girl Realness: “If Courtney and Lindsay had a baby…” The hungover-glam look was pretty awesome and more her style.
• Canine Couture Eleganza: this look was very Sharon. Loved the slim silhouette, paired with the poofy hair. Very poodle (shaved and poofy). And those boots! But have we seen this dress before? It feels very familiar. 

• Daytime Dogpark Realness look: I wasn’t instantly in love with this one, but her lost dog presenation was on point, and her belt and shoes were to die for!
• Pooch in a Purse: Party Girl Realness: Flawless look. Loved the shiny fabric and accented hips!
• Canine Couture Eleganza: Not couture, but cute.

What is that smell? And why is Latrice wearing those boots AGAIN?!

The judges loved Phi Phi's performance in the opening number, but during the criticisms, RuPaul asked the queens who they thought should go home. Latrice said that her sister Sharon had a lot of growing to do and got away with stuff that she herself wouldn't be able to in front of the judges (she mentioned unfinished hem lines... while wearing an unfinished hemline). Both Chad and Sharon said Phi Phi. Sharon accused Phi Phi of being cut-throat (agreed), not showing family values among her drag sisters (agreed) and placing herself in the middle of the opening number. Phi Phi turned the cut-throat comment into determination, and she claimed that Chad put her in the center for that number. Again, tension.

I was heartbroken when 2 of my top 3 queens landed in the bottom 2: Chad and Latrice. I have to say: I choose Chad's consistency over Latrice's congeniality, and RuPaul did the same, sending Latrice home. However, I think Latrice got the recognition and respect she deserved, and, much like Willam, making it any farther in the competition wouldn't get her much more exposure than she's gotten. 

Untucked started out with extended footage of Sharon and Phi Phi’s argument from the runway. Sharon stated that Phi Phi took control of the rehearsal (true) and that she put herself in the center for the number. Phi Phi came for Sharon because she had been complaining about not winning a trip. Phi Phi stated, “This competition, to me, is about being a role model by being true to who you are.” Can we rewind to episode 7 when she purposely gave Jiggly bad advice on her dragazine so that she'd end up in the bottom 2? A real fucking role model there. 

In the Interior Illuuuuusions Lounge Sharon tried to say that she wasn’t trying to throw Phi Phi under the bus on the runway, which was totally untrue.  Phi Phi was mad that Sharon had brought up “family morals”, but to finish Sharons phrase: “family morals among your sisters.” Phi Phi threw out that Sharon had been complaining that she wanted a cruise. Sharon claimed, believably, it was a recurring joke.

RuPaul came up on the screen and told them they had a surprise in the gold bar. The queens kept arguing while Dita Von Teese waited by herself in the Gold Bar.

As if she was actually talking about 'lemons'!

Sharon tried to read Phi Phi for taking control and putting herself in the center for the opening number, but Chad stepped in and reminded everyone that she (Chad) was the one who placed Phi Phi “where she was supposed to be,” adding, “if somebody got out-shined, they only have themselves to thank for it.”

While the girls were screaming at each other, Dita Von Teese left. The queens didn’t even know she was on the set!

Chad tried to tell Phi Phi that she was a bit aggressive and needed to take it down a notch, and Phi Phi totally shot her down, saying that because Chad was older, she had more experience controlling herself. I guess Phi Phi thinks because she’s younger that’s an excuse to be abrasive and let her rage fly, huh?

Sharon pointed out that if Phi Phi were gone she’d have nothing but support rather than fighting and tension. Phi Phi then countered with how she did actually try to help everyone, asking them if they were okay and if they needed help even before she was done with her stuff. Now, judging from the lack of reactions from the other queens (except for Sharon saying “I don’t remember that” rather than flat-out denying it), it seemed very ambiguous. It was the same when Sharon threw Phi Phi under the bus in front of the judges the night Sharon won her first challenge (the infomercial). Phi Phi had told Sharon that she’d be fine and reassured Sharon when she doubted herself (something we didn't see or hear about til Phi Phi said it in the Untucked special). Sharon had nothing to say against that either. It makes me wonder if we’re getting the whole story with Phi Phi. And how much is being revealed about Sharon.

Phi Phi took Latrice to the Gold Bar to talk separately. Chad then expressed that she was over Phi Phi’s attitude and tantrums. Apparently Phi Phi had been ragging on Chad about her age, and she wasn’t having it. It didn’t help that Phi Phi wouldn’t take advice from older, wiser Chad either.

Phi Phi continued to vent in the Gold Bar, but Latrice told her that she should learn to pick her battles and let some things go and know that her talent will speak for itself (and as much as I rag on Phi Phi, she really does bring fierceness to the runway and the challenges). One example of Latrice putting her own advice into practice was when Phi Phi brought up Sharon wanting a cruise again. Latrice didn’t fuel the fire by affirming or disputing it: she just laughed and let the moment pass.

RuPaul came on the screen asking Chad and Sharon to join the girls in the Gold Room. The girls attempted to make up. Latrice, Chad and Sharon chalked it up to being under so much stress. The three talked about how strong their bonds to each other have become. Phi Phi just kind of sat there not contributing yet not disputing.

My favorite moment of this episode came after Chad wondered, “I wonder what our dogs are doing…”

I have to admit that Latrice was in my top 3, so now that she’s gone, I really don’t know how to call it. Phi Phi’s got the traditional fierceness, Chad’s got the most consistent fierceness, and Sharon’s got the most eye-catching, attention grabbing fierceness. I’m sticking with Sharon for the win, but it’s really anybody’s game at this point.

Memorable Quotes

“My snaggle tooth is NOT that big.” –Phi Phi

“And what about your wig, Phi Phi. It’s really pretty, but haven’t you worn that like 3 times already.” –Chad

Guest judges: Wynonna Judd and Rose McGowan

“Coming down the runway in a velvet gown! Coming down the runway 400 pounds! I’m Laaaatrice!” –Phi Phi

“I’m the Barry White of drag.” –Phi Phi (imitating Latrice)

“Who’s barkin’? Is that Willam dropping names over there?” –Sharon

“Told ya I was a witch.” -Sharon

“Every dog has it’s De La Renta.” –RuPaul

“I’m gonna see Phi Phi O’Hara very little in the future. Very little.” –Chad

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