Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You sign onto Grindr. (TheBlackoutBlog Does Asia, Day 10-11, Part I)

I met Lovely Cox and her friends at Pure for ‘brunch’ (around 5). They’d been seated around 4, but they were still eating and talking gossip. His fellow Aussie friend was giving me typical 40s realness, and his Brit (or Pomme as the Aussies would say) friend was all the graying-at-the-temples, handsome-devil, unexpected-fetish-streak (in my head) hotness one could hope for. And he was clever.

We sat and drank for a couple of hours, laughing and taking the piss out of each other, the staff, the island, etc. I’d planned to cross the Harbour to Kowloon to check out the bar atop the Ritz Carlton, but they informed me that a) it was a bit late to catch the spectacular sunset and that b) it would be very crowded, possibly with a line.

Lovely took me to visit her (actual) sister at work at a small restaurant on Cain Rd. where I had the most amazing grilled squid! Our next stop was Tivo where Lovely hosts her monthly party. She discussed business with the manager, a tall, slim white guy who couldn’t stand still.

At that point, Lovely went home, and I went to my hotel for a disco nap, making sure to set the timer on my phone correctly. The first place I went when I woke up was Propaganda to get my hand stamped while the cover was reduced. The place was absolutely empty. I don’t recall how much the cover was (probably between HK$150-250), but I got a comp pass for next Friday and a drink ticket for that night.

My next stop was Zoo, which I’d been told was very local and very cliquey. I definitely didn’t feel as comfortable there as I did in Volume, but I started talking to a rather handsome bear in his 40s. He was a nice and seemed fun, so I told him he should join me for a drink at Volume.

Zoo never got overwhelmingly crowded, but when we walked out on the street, we saw no less than 150 people out on the street with their glasses and beers. We had another couple of drinks at Volume, and by the time we got to Propaganda, I was kind of over the bear. I definitely wasn’t taking him home. Plus, a younger, hot (as he put it) guy is hanging out with you, and you want to get touchy-feely, but you can’t offer a single drink?

So I started talking to these guys and just kind of migrated with them when they moved. The bear got the hint pretty quickly. I saw him later, and he gave me a sheepish “hope you’re having fun” grin. It felt awkward for about 3 seconds.

I ended up staying out til about 4:30, stumbling the 200 meters to my hotel (I told you it was a great location). And what do you do when you’re on vacation in a foreign country by yourself after the club? You sign onto Grindr.

Apparently, the work/life balance there sucks.

There’s a trip to Cambodia in my future.

The next “morning” (around 4), I schlepped up the escalator to Lovely Cox’s apartment.

Lovely: “You’re a big girl; make yourself a cocktail. Here’s a glass. Ice in the fridge.”

This queen had a china cabinet that must have magically turned bowls and dishes into liquor bottles. Every damn flavor of vodka you could want! It was at that moment that I knew we’d be friends for life.

We shot the shit while watching A-List Dallas for a couple of hours, trading online hookup war stories (one of which involved a trick failing to mention his cerebral palsy). After a while, we went up to her rooftop (what’s with me and white guys in Hong King with rooftops) to see the view. Lovely’s building is only 20-something stories high, but because of the elevation of her street on the mountain, we could see over most of the sky scrapers in Central.

Me: “So is this fog over the harbour, or is it pollution?”
Lovely: “Honey, that’s pollution from the factories in Shenzhen!”
Me: “Ah, right. China. No regulation.”
Lovely: “It’s amazing. In about 2 weeks time, they’ll close all the factories for 2 weeks for the New Year. The view will be crystal clear until they start up again.”
Me: “Damn! 2 weeks?! I wish my—”
Lovely: “No you don’t. They really don’t get any time off except for another 2 weeks in the summer. Hell, the government here didn’t switch from a 6-day work week to 5 until 5 years ago!”

Lovely hates this pic on her rooftop, but it was too perfect.
I bade Lovely farewell after another episode of A List Dallas and tipsily headed towards Central’s main transit hub en route to Kowloon across the harbour.

Did I mention how crazy that night eventually got (but I gotta split this post up into 2… sorry)? Yeah.

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